Vinyl Windows

Here are the primary vinyl products that we use for constructing marine windows, and a little information about them.  Each product below comes in a variety of thicknesses and tints.




Premium, flexible.  Resists  scratching from handling, and UV rays.  Test results for the UV coating on the 40-mil product show up to 70% blockage of UV-A and 100% blockage of UV-B.  Used for boat curtains, automotive windows, tents, and awning applications.

 Crystal Clear 20/20


Excellent UV stability.  Resists clouding, yellowing and cracking, providing phenomenal light transmission.  Scratch resistant.  Used for side and aft windows.

 Sea Clear Polycarbonate


Thin guage polycarbonate that resists scratching.  Gives clear visibility and good light transmission.  Used for side and aft windows.

 Clear Vinyl Specialty


Clear, economical vinyl that is a superb source for building marine enclosures.  Adapts easily and nicely to existing vinyl.  Extruded rather than laminated, so clarity is superior to other clear vinyl roll goods.

 Clear Double Polished Vinyl


Windows in boat curtains and tents.  Also can be used as side drops on porch awnings.

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